Family Nurse, we offer so much more than home care services — we also provide the skilled nursing care our clients rely on for patients in need of a higher level of care.  But, more importantly, it’s the approach we take to skilled care that sets us apart from the rest, enabling us to enhance the health and quality of life of everyone we serve, while taking into account their highly specialized needs. High quality health care service provided by licensed nurse for newly born kids, post maternity, elderly, company and school nursery. Providing high quality care with low cost and more benefits for each of these categories.


From the comfort of your home, a personalized care plan is developed by a licensed nurse based on your unique needs and wishes to maintain an independent lifestyle. Whether its all day or just a few hours of care, our highly skilled team is available and ready to discuss your care. Our Head nurse then manage and provide oversight of our nurse’s performance, and monitor and verify that you are indeed receiving the personalized care you requested.